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Technical Specifications - Part 2

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Coated Steel Roof Tile Panels: Galvanized steel base Z275 (G90), coated with 4mils Barrier Series Plasticized Vinyl (P.V.C.).

Coated Steel Roof Tile Panel


0.0533 cm (26 gauge, .021")


4.89 kg/sq in (1 Ib per sq ft)

Panel Size:

142 cm x 38 cm (56" x 15")

Salt Spray Resistance:

ASTM 8117, CGSB 1GP (NCCA-111-2)

Condensing Humidity Spec:

ASTM D2247

Condensing Sulphur Dioxide:

DIN 50018 (Kesternich Test)


ASTM D1737, Accepts a Ot 180* bend


ASTM D2240, 75-80 shore Hardness

Direct and Reverse Impact:

ASTM 2794

Resistance Falling Sand Abrasion:

ASTM D968, 1110 liters of sand before exposing substrate

Colour Stability:

ASTM 224

Heat Stability:

From -40 C to 100 C (~40F to 212 F)


Accessory items made of same coated steel panel material as stated above, refer to manufacturer's literature for sizes and hip trim, gable and valley trim, wall and eaves starter trim, hip end cap, decorative clip, snow guards and counter flashings from flat stock.

Steel Strapping:

5x5 cm (2” x 2”) for the installation of eaves starter trim.

Metal Profile:

As specified in Technical Data, 0.635mm (25 ga or .025”)


No. 15 aspalt felt conforming to G.S.A. A123. 3M or equivalent

Underlay (optional upgrade):

Typar 30 by Dupont, or equivalent

Self Adhesive Membrane:

0.1-0.15 cm thickness, self adhesive membrane with an antiskid surfacing, for use in critical areas, ice and water guard.


Colour matched 38 mm (#10-9 x 1 ½) wood screw with washer 16D helically deformed shank plated steel nail or equivalent


Silicone to 9 GP 9M – color – clear

Roof Vent:

No. 405

Neoprene Plumbing Gasket:


Aluminum Fire Foil Underlayment 125 cm (50”) WIDE required for Class “B” Fire Rating per U.L.C.

All Steel Roofing Systems

All Steel Roofing Systems

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ALL STEEL Advantage

ALL STEEL Advantage

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • No more re-roofing
  • Maintenance free
  • Saves energy
  • Hurricane resistant
  • Fire resistant 
  • Environmentally friendy

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Tech Specs

Tech Specs

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